The Key To End Your Suffering

August 2, 2016


Mindfulness, becoming conscious , self awareness - all terms you might have come across if you are on any kind of a path to self improvement. The amount of times whilst teaching a yoga class or meditation I hear my self say “come in to the now” or “tune into the moment, all your power is in on the now” and I think....


    Sarah they probably have no idea what you mean, I sound like a far out hippy or a cliche self help guided meditation!


But heres the thing. Everything you may be searching for, wether it be peace, happiness, healing in the mind or body, more confidence, less stress or to work through trauma, at the end of the day will boil down to this. 


Every thought you think creates a feeling in you - negative or positive 


You believe absolutely in the “story” that your thoughts tell you about your world. They are your reality and your perception of the world around you.


When you repeat a thought enough times they start to form your beliefs about your world and about who you are


Every thought that you think, belief that you hold and perception you have in any given moment give rise to a feeling - to your emotions.


This in turn effects your experience of every moment, it effects your health and effects how you life and each moment unfolds.


Most of us are unconscious, that is, unaware of our thoughts and so have little to no influence over our mind, emotions and body.


To become aware of yourself, to become conscious of the types of thoughts that you have will profoundly effect your experience of the world around you. At any given moment you have the choice to tune into and change your moment from a negative to a positive. What is this constant chatter of your mind telling you about you and your day, is the constant narrative in your head a positive or a negative one? 


How To Start to Tune Into You


1) Intent - Don't underestimate the power of your intent. If you want something strongly enough you will find your way there. It may take time, ups and downs and you may forget about it from time to time but once you decide that you have had enough of the pain that unconscious thought causes the natural and resulting intent will bring about changes.


2) Form New Habits -  start small. Pick one or two points in a day to check in with yourself. When you shower and when you make a cup of tea for example. If you have a particular area of discomfort you would like to tackle then form your checking in habit around that. Example - you hate the way you look and feel worthless and ugly. Watch how you think when you get dressed and undressed each day. How are you talking to yourself about you?


3) Meditation or Yoga - Find an activity to take part in that takes you inwards. Everybody is different and will gravitate naturally toward what suits them but try a few things out first. Yoga, meditation classes, tai chi, mindfulness workshops once you start looking, there is so much on offer!



If you are not ready to start a class and would like to start on your own at home try a guided meditation. You can find these on uTube and you can buy them as a CD on amazon or a download from iTunes. Again, try a few and stick with what works for you. 



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Following on from this you can check out my blog - What To Do With All This Mindfulness which will guide you though what to do once you have tuned in……


"Samsara is mind turned outwardly, lost in its projections. Nirvana is mind turned inwardly, recognizing its nature." - Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

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