Private Yoga Lessons

"Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame." - B.K.S. Iyengar

Private yoga lessons can be a fantastic option for people for many different reasons. Private sessions are designed exclusively for your level of experience and the issues you wish to address. They may be appropriate if:


  • You are new to yoga and would prefer to begin in a private setting rather than a classroom. If it’s ultimately your intention to attend yoga classes, we can work towards that goal.

  • You are experienced in your yoga practice and would like to broaden your understanding, or overcome specific challenges.

  • You practice a sport and wish to improve your flexibility and mitigate sport and lifestyle-induced imbalances. My clients also learn to activate and strengthen core, key muscles, and sport-specific movements.

  • You have chronic pain or an injury. Students can attend classes in conjunction with private yoga sessions to understand in depth how to align and protect their body and begin to heal.

  • Home practice -  you are interested in developing your own safe and effective practice.

  • Your busy life makes it difficult to get to class. If it is not possible to attend class at the gym or studio you can scheduling a private session during a busy week or stressful time and stay on track in your practice.


Why not recruit a small group of friends which creates a relaxed, friendly, supportive and fun environment to practice and develop together. Based at a Padmas beautiful location in Leigh on Sea or available from your home (surrounding areas: Westcliff, Southend, Hadleigh etc)



Single session  -  £40 each

Block booking of 5 or 10  - £35 each

or call 07540 306456 for info and to book

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Contact Padma:

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         07540 306456

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